Welcome to the Barbara Brennan School of Healing!

The Barbara Brennan School of Healing is the world’s premier institute for hands-on healing and personal transformation.

The Barbara Brennan School of Healing is dedicated to the evolution of the human spirit. A global healing institute with graduates worldwide, BBSH has more than 175 students from all over the world.

Dr. Barbara Brennan, the School's founder, is a world-renowned healer, teacher, and former NASA physicist, and the best-selling author of Hands of Light®, Light Emerging, and the Seeds of the Spirit® book series. She has devoted the last 35 years to research and exploration of the Human Energy Field. Click here to read more...

BBSH Podcast

This podcast was recorded during channeled healing events in which Barbara Brennan channeled healing energy to the audience. Group healing centering around the theme of the podcast titles took place during the channelings. This holoflow of healing energy comes through these podcasts as you play them. By opening to this holoflow of healing energy, you can also receive it. Marjorie Valerie’s beautiful channeled harp and the channeled words from Barbara Brennan’s guide Heyoan will help you open into the grand depths of your soul for personal healing. This podcast entitled “Wonder” is the first in a series of four.

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